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Information & Knowledge Exchange

Barnotik Consulting is the primary broker of youth sector knowledge across the Counties. It is a connector and facilitator, ensuring there is even access to information on youth sector development issues and opportunities.

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Programme Development

It focuses on developing specific programmes for which there is a strategic opportunity or gap in provision in the Counties. Barnotik Consulting has an important partnership and brokerage role, working with the Counties and the youth sector to make a difference.

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Investment Support

It focuses on supporting the youth sector to invest in the Counties, and encouraging the development of hubs of activity at strategic sites across the Counties.

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Advocacy & Partnership

It represents an ongoing strategic partnership role for Barnotik Consulting, presenting the Counties and a wider set of partners with the development profile and needs of the youth sector; working to identify support opportunities; and ensuring youth culture and creativity operate as key agendas across different strategic areas.

"The test of our worth is the service we render” (Theodore Roosevelt)

Barnotik Consulting is a fit for purpose creative consultancy working as a youth intermediary capable of providing the type of connections, information services and brokerage offer required for Counties with the distinctive asset and opportunity base in Kenya. It works to frame the youth development potential in the Counties by Identifying specific youth investment opportunities – from a County to National level Programmes. Establishing the youth partnership requirements of the Counties, not least how they develop their relationship with the local authorities, project delivery partners and regional partners. And Outlining timing considerations and coordinating resources and partnership requirements accordingly – with a focus on the strategic position and function of Counties in the short-term and the medium to long term.

  • Maximizing the positive impact of Counties’ youth as creative and innovative assets.

  • Supporting creative and innovative activities at the heart of youth development in the Counties

  • It works closely with the Counties to support others to deliver and only delivers to bridge gaps in provision or as an exemplar to potential delivery partners.

  • This is expressed through personnel (e.g. in staff and Board), structure (e.g. legal status), and focus (e.g. the projects and activities).

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